Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My Kick-Ass Day

The ways in which my day ruled: 1. I saw the recycling truck coming and ran down and got the recycle bin to the curb just as they hit our house, thus saving us from yet another month of a full, unusable recycle bin. 2. I got all my money stuff straightened out from my trip. 3. There was a candy bar left in the candy machine for lunch. 4. My intern and I cleaned off my bookshelves. 5. I got a ton of work done. 6. There were good brownies after the talk I went to about Herman Melville*. 7. Ghost Hunters is on and Grant is a cutie. *One might argue that any day involving a talk about Herman Melville is automatically disqualified from being "kick-ass." I would argue that the person I know who is most excited about Melville used to perform on stage wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and a large diaper**. That, my friends, is why I love Melville--his fans are nuts. **One might think that any grown-ass man who wears a large diaper in public would maybe be confined to a small cell most days. If the small room in the back of the house filled with books counts, you are right.


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