Thursday, October 28, 2004

October Soup

Yesterday, I had to turn the air conditioning on in our house. It's only 72 here on the third coast, but I'm running the air conditioner. Miss J.'s father-in-law will tell you how it gets so cold in Alaska sometimes that you can go out and push the fog around. The air here is so full of water that this morning, instead of taking Mrs. Wigglebottom for a walk, we took a lovely canoe ride* around the neighborhood. I'm running the air conditioner just to pull the humidity out of the air so that we can breathe. Still, it annoys me and cracks me up that I'm running the air conditioner at the end of October. *As you all know, there's no way this could happen in real life. After the last/only time we tried to take Mrs. Wigglebottom canoeing--which resulted in her tipping over the canoe (losing my sandals, damn you dog!), swimming for shore, and hiding behind a brownie troop--there's no way she's ever getting back in a boat, I'm almost certain of it. Which is too bad, because, for a dog who sinks like a stone, she really loves water.


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