Thursday, March 03, 2005

My Psychic Powers Grow Stronger By the Day

I am taking my car in for repair this afternoon. This is, of course, very traumatic for me because so much of my sense of well-being is wrapped up in the well-being of my car. But, as you may recall in my previous post, when I said "whenever something goes wrong with my car, I call up the Man from GM and tell him what's going on and he always says, 'Oh, that's the bershabkicarls valve [or some other thing I don't know],'" I apparently, inadvertently, predicted that my car's something or other valve would indeed go out. And so it has. This is very scary because it means that my car doesn't immediately shift into drive from reverse. Instead, the engine revs and I roll backwards, or forwards, depending on the incline I'm on and which way I'm facing. But, it's still under warranty and so everything will be fine in that regard. Still, I'm thinking that I ought to open a little fortune telling business on the side.


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