Monday, January 16, 2006

Skip James Saves the Day

So, I got to work and shut the door and sat in the dark and listened to Skip James until I felt better. It didn't take long. I'm sorry I said I hated all of you. It's just my upper-lower-class inability to articulate my feelings which manifests itself in lashing out at those closest to me. Or some such nonsense. Because, here's the thing: shit's going to happen. And it might suck. The Butcher could lose his job and not find another one. But it's not going to kill us. We'll cancel cable and the internet and turn off the heat and make more use of the afghans and eat rice and stop drinking and going out. But no one is going to die. And if I do, well won't you motherfuckers be sad that we fought and you never had a chance to say how sorry you were? (See, that's the biting humor we all come here for. Don't tell me you didn't read that and laugh.)


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