Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Kick-Ass Day, revisited

Y'all, I have started this post a number of times now and am just not sure how best to phrase the funny. Needless to say, seeing this on the news last night made a good day better. One should not gloat at other people's problems, but Bill O'Reilly's got some funny ones. For one, when sexually harassing his producer, he tells her about his fantasy of taking her to a Caribbean island and rubbing her with a loofah. Then, inexplicably, he switches gears and says he will rub her with a falafel. Now, the best falafel I've ever had was in New York, and I don't recall anyone suggesting that I should use it as a sex aid and I would guess that if ever there was a town where someone would tell you what to do with a falafel, New York is it. Perhaps this is why Bill O'Reilly so kindly offers to teach women how to masturbate with toys if only they will call him on the phone. The knowledge and wisdom that man has! It's a shame he's being so unfairly persecuted. If only I had Bill O'Reilly's phone number and a falafel. . . To read the court documents for yourself, here's the link: It's my first blog link, so let's hope it works.


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