Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Another Reason why the Butcher Rules

I have this shindig to go to tonight, a potluck. I had nothing to bring, due to my recent bout of procrastination, but the Butcher just called me and told me he made me a pie to take and that it's in the fridge. That, my friends, is why the Butcher rules. Was I doing anything important that kept me from making my own damn pie? No, I was playing golf on the Playstation and listening to rap music. But still, he came through for me. Here is the Butcher's kick-ass pie: 1 Graham Cracker pie crust 1 box of chocolate pudding 1 great big glob of peanut butter Spread the peanut butter on the bottom of the pie crust. Mix up the chocolate pudding according to the "pie filling" directions. Pour over the peanut butter. Chill and eat.


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