Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So, what brings you to Nashville?

For me, it went a little something like this: I moved to New York City--yes, New York City--to become a famous acquisitions editor. Never mind that there aren't any famous acquisitions editors, except maybe Judith Regan, that's what I was going to do. Never mind that I love my car and the open sky and grass and trees and that I hate people. Never mind that I grew up in towns with populations like 2,700 or 3,600 or less. You can see how this could not work. Unfortunately, I had never failed at anything I really, really wanted to do and I never considered that I wouldn't be able to live in New York. So, after a short six weeks, I left New York City and hid in my aunt's basement in New Jersey and hoped that I would just die or something so that I would not have to move back in with my parents yet again. While I was in New York, one nice thing happened to me. The Divine Ms. B. and Miss J.'s dad came up for a convention and he took me out to dinner. It was the kindest thing. Once I was in New Jersey, another nice thing happened. Miss J and Ms. B's mom called and said that I should just come and stay with them in Columbia, Tennessee for a little bit, just to get my bearings. So, it wouldn't be like I was going home to live with my parents forever. I'd just be dropping my stuff off there before I headed down south to recuperate. On a whim, I sent my resume around to some places here in town and this place called me in for a couple of interviews and hired me. It was all very fortunate. Now, I have a very cool job where I read for a living. Some of the stuff I read won't get read by anyone else. And some of it will. When I tell you about things I've read, keep that in mind. I'm bound to be a little biased.


Blogger Sarah Bott said...

I used to think, when I was younger anyway, that living in New York City would be really cool. But I grew up on a teeny island and when I got out of college on the next (larger) island over, I moved to Washington DC. I thought at the time that was the center of the universe. Ultimately, my goal was to work at the United Nations. But when the time came to make the move, I was older and a little too "over" the big city. So I came out to Oregon instead. Now I just watch New York City on endless reruns of "Law and Order" and have no desire to live there anymore at all. (But I like to watch).

6/08/2005 05:14:00 PM  
Blogger Cindy St. Onge said...

You have a dream job! It's really neat how things just fell into place after your New York adventure.

6/08/2005 10:31:00 PM  

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