Sunday, November 13, 2005

Farir & aftr komir

I'm leaving y'all yet again. I'll try to check in when I can, but you know how that goes when I'm on the road. Meanwhile, let me offer you some fresh and new recommendations for blogs to browse while I'm gone. Three Men Joined by a Theme: The Church Secretary--Warning! If you are a woman, clicking this link will unleash in you a certain noise, the "oh my god, look at that little nose!" noise. Men, you will also feel the need to make that noise, but I trust most of you will be able to contain yourself. Church Secretary, congratulations! Make me proud: raise that girl to be loud and opinionated and to rule the world with her liberal ways! The Saucy Monk--Canada--it's like the United States, but with less Pat Robertson bullshit. The Unapologetic Atheist--How can you not love something that starts "Just another blog from a 'freedom-hating' American"? Two People Who Should Post More: Shug--She's known me half my life. She blogs while drunk. And she, the shiest person I know, is hanging out in bars, trying to pick up chicks. Go over and cringe in self-recognition. Huck--Huck is the type of guy that, when you have lunch with him, you both wish you'd invited eight more people you know would have gotten a kick out of him, and you're glad no one else came along, because you're selfish. If I were smarter and more well-organized in my thoughts, I'd be either: Chris--Well, I'd need a penis, too. Lindsey--I wish I were that articulate. In case you're wondering what would be pissing me off: Kleinheider--I once told Kleinheider that I used his last name as my safe word*. He was both disgusted and flattered. That pretty much sums up how I feel about the privilege of reading him. All right. If that doesn't give you some shit to keep you busy, I just don't know what will. So, I'll see you when I can and I'll be back next week. *For the record, that's not true.


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