Thursday, November 03, 2005

Gay Marriage Would Fix My Life

Jesus' General points out that Judge Walter K. Steed* has three wives. CNN points out that they're all sisters. Now, as this Bruce character has repeatedly pointed out over the past week, I'll never land a permanent man because I'm vile, tainted goods. But, I have two--count them--brothers. If one of them could land a judge who would then also marry the other two of us... Well, there you go. I'd have a spouse, thus making me more palatable to my conservative readers. He'd have some money, thus making me more palatable to my bank account. The recalcitrant brother would no longer be dependent on the Klan for his well-being. And I'd still get to live with the Butcher, which is mostly fun, except for the whole car thing. It's really a perfect solution to most of my problems. *Has this been the week for aptly-named men or what?


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