Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mrs. Wigglebottom Loves Trucks

When the folks at the top of the hill had a semi-truck, Mrs. Wigglebottom would spend much of the early part of our walk pretending to be looking for a place to pee so that she could sniff around the cab and, I suspect, look for a way in. When I got home today, she was delighted to see a big red truck sitting right in front of the house and she immediately bounded over to the passenger side door. When I said, "no," she happily ran around to the driver's side. Knowing any car ride has to start with her going to the bathroom, she did her business and then made it clear again she'd be happy to get in the truck. We came back in the house and she began to collect her things--five bones*, and her rope--and to bring them to the door. "Roor orroow," she said happily, as she pranced to the front door. "No," I said, "the truck is gone." She barked and barked. "Shut up," I said, trying to enjoy my dinner in peace. More barking at the front door. I opened the door again to show her. Her tail drooped and she gave me the dirtiest look and turned and walked to the kitchen. She ate one bite of her dinner and now she's laying on the couch, all forlorn. -------- *We get her big femurs like this and it takes her a couple of weeks to get most of the ends eaten off. But the last six inches or so, where the bone is the hardest? She'll work that stuff for years. So, she has five that are all about six inches long that she works on and carries around the house and arranges in patterns meaningful to her.


Blogger rugdesigner said...

LOL. Mrs. Wigglebottom needs to have a play date with Mickey and Auggie. We've got bone-parts all over the house; even a chair designated as the "bone chair."

11/10/2005 08:15:00 PM  

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