Monday, April 25, 2005

My First Meme

Peggasus knocks and I answer. ********* Answer the question "If you could be ---____ . Choose five titles from the list [below] and answer the question for each of them. Add a job title to the list when you are done, if you would like, but you can't choose your own newly added job title. Scientist - Farmer - Musician - Doctor - Painter - Gardener - Missionary - Chef - Architect - Linguist - Psychologist - Librarian - Athlete - Lawyer - Innkeeper - Professor - Writer - Llama rider - Failed actor gone political - Moonbat - Street Performer - Pro Bowler - Psychic 1. If I were a lawyer, I'd be an intellectual property lawyer. I think that "public domain" is one of the most amazing cultural resources that we have and it irritates me to see Congress continually bowing to pressure from entertainment conglomerates to extend copyright protection indefinitely. I've got no problem with people earning money from their creations, but I don't think their creations should remain theirs forever. So, I guess public domain is especially interesting to me because if, when, and how things enter the public domain says a lot about how we understand and balance the rights of the individual (and the corporate citizen) with the good of the community. 2. If I were a missionary, I'd be fired. I've got no problem with people doing good and, when asked why, telling the questioner that it's because of their love of Jesus. But most people have their own religions that work for them and I find it really gross that people go into those communities and attempt to instill Christianity, especially because Christianity vilifies indigenous beliefs in order to justify such conversions. 3. If I were a linguist, I'd happily spend my days doing my own translations of the Voluspa and the Havamal and arguing with other nerds, er, linguists about whether Frigg and Freyja were ever the same goddess since Frigg is linked etymologically to the Indo-European root pri-meaning "to love," and Freyja is linked to the Indo-European root per-meaning something like "to lead or to be at the forefront." Some days, I might argue that clearly they were always two separate goddesses, and on other days, I might say "per" "pri": how much difference is there between those two sounds? 4. If I were an innkeeper, I'd be a cross between the innkeeper in The Castle of Crossed Destinies and Bob Newhart. In other words, I'd want to be the kind of innkeeper who organized strange mystical experiences for my guests, but I'd probably end up being the kind that had to continually explain the weird folks who worked for me, who would all surely be my family members. Luckily, the recalcitrant brother has done some plumbing as well as some cooking, so when he inevitably moved in, he'd be able to contribute. 5. If I were an architect, I'd be torn between wanting to design houses that seemed to exactly "fit" the landscape they are situated in (why, yes, Frank Lloyd Wright would be one of my influences) and building enormous, outlandish contemporary Victorian manors--full of turrets and stained glass and gingerbread. ********* And I'm going to tap two people who link to me, but who I know nothing about--Pissed (just to put it out there for the universe, if I could find a smart, funny unmarried man who left his dismantled Harley all over the house, I would be in hog heaven [bad pun intended] ) and Astrid, who intrigues me because I love her name--the name of Sigrid Tostadottir's daughter and the name my tiny cat's sister was going to have when it seemed like she might come to live with us--Stella and Astrid. So, it should go without saying that I have no idea if they'll play along or stare distastefully at their screen like someone just sent them a chain letter portenting some kind of terrible doom and then promptly vow to never visit Tiny Cat Pants again.


Blogger Astrid said...

Um, hi.

4/27/2005 08:19:00 AM  
Blogger Aunt B said...

Hello right back,

It's weird, isn't it? To see your name in the blog of a stranger? The first time I saw that Red over at the Redneck Feminist had linked to me, I was flattered and embarrassed. Now, I'm just flattered.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

On another note, it occures to me that though I don't put much stock in astrology, one could read these answers and easily guess that I was a Gemini, I think, trying to have it two ways at once on just about everything.

4/27/2005 08:30:00 AM  

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