Thursday, December 08, 2005

This Nice Girl Act? I Don't Buy It

Lately, the "He Done Me Wrong" songs in R&B have sucked. First was that stupid "Girl" by Destiny's Child, which, especially in the video, suggests that the way to get over your cheating ass of a man is to handcuff him to something and then bond with your girls. And now is the hilarious Trina/Kelly Rowland song "Here We Go." Now, before we get to the song itself, let's just point out the obvious, which is that Trina looks like the kind of woman who, when she found out her man was cheating on her, would subdue him in some way, take great pleasure in breaking each of his fingers and toes, and then leaving him hog-tied on his grandma's doorstep. There is no way that dude's going to cheat on Trina and all that happens is that she pouts to Kelly Rowland and then gives his stuff away. No, a guy who cheats on Trina is going to end up begging for death. So, the premise of the video is unbelievable. But the lyrics? The lyrics are great*.
You treat me like a random chick You done forgot who introduced you to rocks And poppin all that cris an shit Who letchu hit it from tha back Anyway that chu like And any debts i can pay tha price I thought i was a chick you would make your wife And now a bitch cant even stay tha night I cant even look in ya face Witout wantin ta slap you Damn i thank God i aint get that tattoo
Yes "I thank God I ain't get that tattoo." Really, once you hear that line, how can you not love this song? But again, it points to my firm belief that any girl who almost got your name tattooed on her is not leaving the relationship non-violently. Now, Adriana Evans** is missing her man and when someone steps between them, she goes to a voodoo woman. I ask you, Citizens of Earth, doesn't this make more sense than going to Kelly Rowland***? *Though I'm dying to know if it's the song writer who spelled it "witout" or just the idiot who transcribed the lyrics. **And check out how sexy she looks smoking that cigar. Which reminds me, Ryan especially, any good recommendations for a cigar one might buy her recalcitrant brother for Christmas? ***Unless Kelly Rowland is a voodoo woman, in which case, my apologies.


Blogger Ryan said...

B., There are so many wonderful cigars out there that even blindly picking you would probably do just fine. You can pay $12-$20 for a single nice cigar if you so wish. It is rare that that I splurge beyond $10; and actually have found some favorites in the $4-$6 range. Personal favorites: CAO Gold Double Corona ($5.80-$6.15); Arturo Fuente Hemingway Series (not b/c of the name but these are excellent. Go with the Signature or the Masterpeice as a special treat); Arturo Fuente Don Carlos (all are wonderful, but a little pricey). Ashton has come out with some very nice smaller cigars (but,also pricey). On the less expensive end you could go with any of several Gran Habanas (under $4); or Gispert--a so-so cigar that I've been working on a bit lately. For a heavier smoke, the CAO Brazilia series is very good. Can't go wrong with the Padron 4000, or the Sosa. LA Flor Dominicana is very nice as well. All are affordable by cigar standards. Sancho Panza is also enjoyable. Hope this helps.

Happy shopping.



12/08/2005 10:13:00 PM  
Blogger Aunt B said...


You rock! This is awesome. I'm happy I thought of something he would like and I'm thrilled to have advice from someone who shares his passions. Because, you know, when I smoke, I'm just smoking the Muriels.

12/09/2005 10:16:00 AM  

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