Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bratty Mrs. Wigglebottom

Really, you have to feel bad for Mrs. Wigglebottom. I'm sure she didn't get regular walks while I was gone and she sure as hell hasn't gotten regular walks since I've been sick. But today the Professor and I took her for a slow walk around the neighborhood and Mrs. Wigglebottom was as bratty as can be. She wanted to lead. She wanted to stand around sniffing things. She wanted to run around with a stick and try to cut the Professor in two with her leash. Then the Professor tried to blow some bubbles and Mrs. Wigglebottom barked and attacked the bubbles by using the Professor's legs for leverage. Sorry about the bruises, Professor. I wanted to go on an adventure, because I'm tired of being cooped up in the house. So, we went to Walmart. Which was not that adventurous. Then we went to McDonalds. Again, not that adventurous. And then we went to wash the Professor's car. Well, she washed the car. I watched this exquisitely backed man dry his car. Male oriented folks, let me tell you, he had the most beautiful back and butt, all in this nicely muscular, but not too gaudy, arrangement. And he was shining his rims... That wasn't really an adventure either, but I got tired, so the Professor dropped me off at home and now I'm going to take a nap. Or just lay on the couch and watch TV.


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