Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bill "The Kitten Killer" Frist Moves to Screw Gay People

I couldn't find any information on Senator Kitten Killer's website, but our friends at the Family Research Council are reporting that Frist announced that the Senate is going to hold a cloture vote on the "Marriage Protection Amendment" the week of June 5th. I've been trying to think of something particularly funny to say about this, but really, there isn't anything. There has only been one amendment to the constitution that limited the rights of the people of the United States. That was also the only amendment to be repealed. Should this piece of crap amendment attach itself to the Constitution, I can only assume that we'll end up going back and repealing it as well. I would like to ask if my senator has any sense of decency or regard for the feelings of others, but the kitten killing and the diagnosing people from afar, seems to already answer that question for me.


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