Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Outside it's America

My friends, my nieces and nephews, it's been a week, a hard, long, sad week that started poorly, seemed to right itself with drunken Twister, and then ended with a smelly couch. Many of us, especially those of us living in the capitol of the United States of Jesus, have been distraught, wondering how this could have happened. For you, I link to this website, which has us divided, not by red or blue states, but on gradiants of purple, in order to account for how close the race was, just about every place. There appear to be two important lessons about the "red" states we can glean from this map. 1. People who vote Democrat are affected by gravity more strongly than those who aren't. Look at how Democratic voters live at the base of the Appalachians and in the flood planes of the Mississippi. 2. Living near the Missippi seems to make you more likely to vote Democrat. How can we use this to our advantage in upcoming elections? One, place polling places in low-lying areas. The other, try to determine if there's something in the water (no, not pollution) that we could filter out and sprinkle over the rest of the country.


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