Thursday, April 28, 2005

No Sugar Tonight

I've been sleeping like shit lately, because I've been drinking coffee. It's sad, because I like coffee, but I had to give it up in order to sleep, because I love sleep. So, last night was the first good night's sleep I got in some time: a dead, dreamless, warm blackness that smelled like dog (most likely because the girl was curled up next to me). At least, I assumed I wasn't dreaming, yet I woke up twice in the night with the Guess Who's "No Sugar Tonight" running through my head. The subconscious is a strange place and it makes me happy that mine is, apparently, filled with good music. As is usual, I'm listening to the blues, finishing up here at work, and thinking about the strange inner workings of the human mind. According to this article, scientists have decided that everyone can "read" each other's minds. This is very interesting. Apparently, we have neurons that fire not only when we do something, but when others do something, thus letting us not just imagine what they're doing, but imagine it almost as if we were doing it. There's some thought that the absence or misfiring of these neurons may help explain autism. Science has yet to explain why the Guess Who runs through my sleeping mind. Here's something else I threw into my subconscious to see what it would churn up: "[...] cool closely resembles the human spirit. It's about completing the task of living with enough spontaneity to splurge some of it on bystanders, to share with others working through their own travails a little of your bonus life." Donnell Alexander wrote it; I like it. I'm not "as-seen-on-MTV" cool, but I could happily be the "splurge some of it on bystanders" cool.


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