Friday, November 04, 2005

George Bush Lifts My Spirits

Can anything make me happier than watching George Bush stumble through his second term like he's in some hilarious South Park episode? Nope, I don't think so. Where's the funny today? For that, we have to go to the Washington Post, via Pandagon (How hard is Pam Spaulding rocking over there? Pretty hard.) and check out the President's visit to Howard University. Here are the two funnies:
  1. "What might have been a public relations coup for Bush -- a visit to a historically black college to show concern for at-risk youths -- ended up as another Katrina-like moment, with the president appearing spaced-out, waving and smiling for television cameras while students were trying to break through campus security to get to the cordoned-off cafeteria."
  2. "[C]ampus security guards were telling students that if they wanted to eat they'd have to come back when the president and first lady were gone, then go to a service door at the rear of the dining hall and ask for a chicken plate to go."

Folks, what next? A trip to Vanderbilt to show concern for impoverished Appalachians?

And just when you thought that the President had to be the most tone-deaf person on Howard's campus, the security guards arrive to prove you wrong.

Whew, that whole thing is rich.


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