Thursday, December 23, 2004

Snowed In

Well, though I only planned on going out today to get some toothpaste and cash a check, because I was going to do laundry and clean the kitchen, I can't bring myself to do laundry or clean the kitchen, because I'm snowed in. The worst part is that I'm trapped by snow that doesn't even cover the grass. It's infuriating. But we live at the bottom of a slight hill and it sleeted all night and so, under the light snow, is a layer of ice and so the Butcher cannot get his light car up the hill and to work. So, I let him take my car. And so I'm stuck here at the bottom of the hill. The sun does not shine directly on the front of our house enough this time of year to melt the ice, so I imagine, until it warms up, we're going to be, effectively down to one car. Still, Mrs. Wigglebottom keeps my spirits up. She loves, and I mean, LOVES the snow. We've already been out playing in it once this morning and I'm just about to take her out again. And, as many of you know, we suspect the small cat is a CIA agent. Most of our suspicions can be traced back to her ability to go upstairs and disappear for days on end. Then there was her misguided attempt to disguise herself by losing all of her ass hair. And this morning, even though she was sneaking back and forth in front of the house, she refused to come in. Now, she and Mrs. Wigglebottom are asleep on the big green couch and the orange cat is off pouting someplace. But I'm hoping she'll have her contact bring me some hot chocolate. I'm watching VH1 Soul, hoping to see Mos Def's new video and trying to figure out what the hell is going on with Destiny's Child, with their highwasted shorts and big dogs. For half the video they have the weirdest cloths on but then, at the end of the video, they appear to be wearing Salt n Pepa's clothes from the "What a Man" video. So, it's an ordinary day here.


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