Saturday, December 31, 2005


Happy Girl Well, except that I'm sick and that I've only been gone a week and Sarcastro's already found other destitute liberals to hang out with, it's been a great trip. Between the drugs and the usual travel stupor, I'm not really sure what day it is. Sarcastro told me it's Friday and so I'm coming home tomorrow. I don't feel like I've really lost track of time, just that it's gotten away from me in whole day increments. That could be the drugs. I'm sad I've gotten to see none of DC. I was really hoping to at least figure out where to go to get my share of the Republican pork. But I'm too sick to do much of anything. Happily, if one is going to be sick, better to be sick someplace where people will bring you food and clean up after you and where you can watch TV in between napping on your great big bed. If I could breathe, or at the least, if someone were here to rub my head, it'd be a perfectly lovely afternoon.


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