Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Guy Down the Hall

Sadly, I went to the going-away party for the guy down the hall on Friday. This reduces the number of people I can go to lunch with who don’t work with me by a third. So, I’m bummed. Not that I don’t like the people that I work with, of course. It’s just that some days, a girl really needs to go eat greasy burgers with someone who hasn’t annoyed her at a staff meeting or become annoyed with her for stealing all the interns. The guy down the hall is responsible for introducing me to Ted’s, which we affectionately refer to as Ted’s Kill It and Grill It, though I’m sure it has some other, classier name. Miss J., her lover, and I went there to eat last weekend and I am happy to report that her lover and she were thrilled with being able to order anything on the menu in three iterations: chicken, beef, and buffalo. I don’t know if I’ve converted them into full-time buffalo eaters, but they both rose to the challenge of eating a half a pound of it in one sitting. The guy who is no longer down the hall insists I’ll never see him again. This makes me very sad, especially since I'll have not chance to tease him about being such a drama queen.


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