Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hire the Butcher!

Also, I should mention that the Butcher is looking for another job. He's not left this one yet--thank god for small favors--but he's on his way out. I have lots of mixed feelings about the whole thing. He deserves a job he'd actually like, for instance, and I want him to be happy. On the other hand, he just must keep this job, even though he hates it, until he finds another one. There can be no other way. And yet... And yet the thing that most irritates me about the Butcher is that he doesn't plan long-term or even medium term. He does whatever it takes to avoid being uncomfortable and to immediately rectify any discomfort he's currently feeling. I don't know how one convinces another that a little discomfort in the short-term prevents a lot of discomfort later on. I don't think you can. God, I hope he doesn't quit this job.


Blogger The Corporate Shill said...

Wasn't the Butcher supposed to send me one of his art projects? The blue swirly one. I want to frame it, put it up in my house, and explain to all our yuppie friends that it's from an up and coming artist.

6/22/2005 07:49:00 AM  
Blogger Aunt B said...

Yeah, let me tell you, you're about 30 days away from opening up a FedEx box and finding the Butcher stuffed in it. You can hang that "I just want to win the lottery and not work"-speaking fool up on your wall and call him art. I'll even pay you to spread peanut butter on his feet every once in a while and let the dog lick it off.

6/22/2005 08:08:00 AM  
Blogger Twinkletoes said...

The visual image of butcher art is rather interesting. I see... I see... blood and gristle and little bits of bone. Lots of red and white. Of course, I'm just being narrow minded.

6/22/2005 01:36:00 PM  
Blogger the Professor said...

maybe if he, inspired by twinkletoes, sees that he can use his current job as another medium for artistic expression, he won't leave the job. Try that one on him before he actually quits.

6/22/2005 01:54:00 PM  
Anonymous The Yellow Brand Hammer Co. said...


Not just any pizza, but Mellow Mushroom. I think the butcher would fit right in... y'know, like one of them pegs in them round holes. Like a pig in mud. Cool folks work there, and Abbe Kopra can most definitely get him a job.

6/23/2005 09:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9/26/2006 02:11:00 PM  

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