Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Has Someone Kidnapped the Butcher?

The car is here, but he is not. But what morons would take the Butcher and leave the car? The car is the only thing of value we have. If there's a ransom for the Butcher, I'll have to sell the car to come up with the money. Why not just take the car in the first place and save some steps? I thought maybe he was passed out on the couch, but I got down here and the couch is empty. And then I worried that he was passed out in the car, but I checked the car and it's empty. I asked Mrs. Wigglebottom, "Where's the Butcher?" She looked at me, tilted her head to one side like she was very interested in what I was saying to her, and then sat down. Make of that what you will. But anyway, the car is here, the Butcher is not. I guess that means I get to drive to work. Right?


Blogger SuperGenius said...

I think the puppets got him.

12/21/2005 08:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody got an away game last night.


12/21/2005 09:36:00 AM  

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